Ne$$0 x The Basement Vol. 1

Nesso The Basement Vol. 1

Download link:

2)the beginning
3)what the boss says
4)3 to 1 freestly pt1
5)down and out
6)tryna chase the paper
7)deadprsidents freestyle
8)Dail Tone
9) cream freestyle
10)from the east
11)back to music
12)3 to 1 freestyle pt2
13)diamond girl
14)magic man
15)hit em up freestyle
16)for real
17)new day
18)want it all
19)im ill freesytle
20)now you know tha boy

It’s finally here… the long awaited mixtape from Nesso: The Basement Vol. 1. Team G.K is alive and well as Ness brings forth a magnitude of rhymes that have been compiled into a hit mixtape. It is only the beginning watch out for future G.K ENT.


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One response to “Ne$$0 x The Basement Vol. 1

  1. Toyaa Williams

    That’s maa boy! It’s so good to see youu makiin it big. I know all will go well, and you’lll have tons of people screaming your name soon, check out the guy whos going to steal drakes place. lol xoxo

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