Good Review: KId Cudi Man on the Moon: The End of day

kid-cudi-man-moonGoodKids give kid Cudi’s new cd ‘Man on the Moon: The End of day” a 8/10. The cd was amazing! And can be compared to college dropout in the sense that he did something different then any other Hip-Hop artist. This album had a great sound. But the biggest flaw is the line. he did not have any great lines or word play etc.. The only great word play and lines were done by kanye in make her say and then common in the same song. Personally I think he should have had a song with big sean the other Good Music rookie. Also should have kept the great sound but with some great lines just like in a kid named cudi mixtape.  Good job cudi my favorite songs will have to be soundtrack to my life cause that really hit home and simple as… because it was like a new generation of Michael in a way. Good ft with mgmt also great idea having a narrator (common). Get the cd listen for your self and take a trip to the moon.


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