XV: Everybody’s Nobody



XV: “Everybody’s Nobody”
01. Everybody’s Nobody (Produced By Seven)
02. Awesome (Produced By Seven)
03. Vizzy, Vizzy, Vizzy (Produced By Seven)
04. A.D.D. (Produced By Seven)
05. Come Back Down (Produced By Seven)
06. Gobstopper ft. Wiz Khalifa (Produced By Seven)
07. Mirror’s Edge (Produced By Seven)
08. Blinded ft. Harlem’s Cash (Produced By Seven)
09. Start A War ft. Colin Munroe (Produced By Colin Munroe)
10. Use To ft. Ne-Yo (Produced By Omen)
11. Live vs. Livin’ ft. Big Sean (Produced By Seven)
12. Now Look (Produced By Boi-1da)
13. Fall Out The Sky (Produced By Seven)
14. Me, You (Produced By Seven)
15. The Rabbit Hole (Produced By Omen)
16. Ending Credits [interlude]
17. Undeniable (Produced By Seven)
18. Bad News [Nobody’s Somebody]
+ In Due Time [DJ Enuff Bonus]
+ U Got It ft. Lil Wayne [DJ Benzi Bonus]

XV is a little unknown kid from Witchita, Kansas but soon he will be unknown no more! The Goodkids Highly recommand you watch for this kid as we do all the artist we feature. this kid is fresh and new.. his a good look for HipHop!. the mixtape is being presented by DJ Enuff and  DJ Benzi so you know he is doing somthing right in the music industry!( HIP HOP IS COMING BACK TO THE LYRICS!)

Download here:http://usershare.net/darxkvk2zwz1


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