Conquest Knight XV – Canada’s Hummer?


It comes from Canada…!300,000$Bullets and grenades aren’t a problem for this car, having a body made of strength steel, spoilers made of fiber glass and 64 mm thick bullet-proof windows. It weights 4,5 tons and the special run-flat Michey Thompson tires won’t make any problems to the car if perforated.

What about the luxury, you may ask. Well, in the interior you will find Andrew Muirhead leather, Wilton Wool carpets, electrically adjustable armchairs and multiple facilities like the Apline multimedia system, bluetooth and TV monitors for all seats, “Night Vision” system and even a Playstation 3 system. What could you wish more?

Its 400 HP V10 engine of 6.8 liters is designed to work with E85 bioethanol.

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2 responses to “Conquest Knight XV – Canada’s Hummer?

  1. this thing sucks my nuts. i think it needs to be finished off with some SHIT.

  2. Michael jackson

    This is big and strong
    like how i like my kids

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